Otago Medical Research Foundation Sponsorship

on 12 September 2017, 16:26

Everyone benefits from medical research, and that’s one of the reasons why Justin and Eterei Stonelake have chosen to support the Otago Medical Research Foundation.

The couple own the three McDonalds restaurant franchises in Dunedin, and as such are regularly called on to support worthy community projects. But helping to fund medical research is something they are particularly proud of, simply because they know how much it makes a difference, both in their own community, and to world knowledge on human health.

“As members of our community, and as employers, we have a responsibility and willingness to help in a proactive and positive way.”

Sponsoring a summer studentship, and providing prizes and financial support for the Foundation’s events is the Stonelake’s way of recognising that local research investment can potentially help a lot of people.