Dunedin RMHC Ambassadors

on 18 October 2017, 17:06

This month the Dunedin RMHC Ambassadors celebrated 10 years of fundraising, with an impressive $950,000 raised over these years for a massively deserving charity. The day was celebrated with RMHC families and an afternoon at the Rugby, followed by an awards dinner to recognise some of our awesome longstanding ambassadors. On behalf of McDonalds Dunedin, thank you to each of the ambassadors for all that you do - we truly appreciate the time and effort that you selflessly give to the charity.

A big thank you also to Paul & Sandra Steiner, who encouraged the formation of the group 10 years ago, and to Justin & Eterei Stonelake who took over the reins and have kept it going strong. We are truly humbled by your generous nature and your passion for the charity. Such a fantastic initiative to get behind!

Thanks also to Otago Rugby for hosting us for the afternoon - a lot of fun was had! Here is to the next 10 years